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We don’t follow a cookie-cutter approach, with our customised style of training we get the best results for both you, as the handler, and your dog!







Dog Tricks Training Johannesburg - Liz Chamberlain
Dog Tricks Training Johannesburg - Liz Chamberlain
Dog Tricks Training Johannesburg - Liz Chamberlain
Dog Tricks Training Johannesburg - Liz Chamberlain
Dog Tricks Training Johannesburg - Liz Chamberlain
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Do More With Your Dog Trick Witness & Submission
Submit your DMWYD tricks through Learn More
Do More With Your Dog Trick Witness and Submission
Learn More Compleat Dog Assessment
Measure you and your dog’s progress with LMCD
Learn More Compleat Dog Assessments
Getting Personal – Coaching
For when cookie cutter methods don’t work for you
Learn More Coaching
Getting Together – Workshops
Share your learning experience in a group
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Liz has been involved in dog sports since the early 1990s. She has trained her various MLH dachshunds and Bouviers in a range of disciplines – from dog dancing to bite work and pretty much everything else in between. She’s been sharing her experience and knowledge with others since 2013.

Liz prefers training and judging to competing, and is a KUSA carting judge and Canine Good Citizen evaluator. She is also a dog dancing judge for KUSA, WCFO, SADDA, and RFE. Liz also judges Rally-Freestyle.

Dog Tricks Trainer - Liz Chamberlain

Client Reviews

Christelle Genis, K9@play
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniels & Golden Retriever)

“If you are looking for a FANTASTIC trainer and mentor, look no further! Never have I walked out of a lesson with Liz without a solution to my specific training obstacle.

I love how she often believes in our team’s (my dog and I) capabilities more than I do and the value she adds to my ‘training confidence’ and relationship with my dog is absolutely unmeasurable.

I can guarantee 100% that you will not regret booking that first lesson.”

Dawn Bell

(Border Collies)

“Training with Liz is always fun and informative. She covers both the theory and practical side of training in an easy to understand way. Her insight into how dogs think and learn means you get the most out of a training session with her. If you want to improve your understanding of clicker work and trick training Liz is your woman.  My dogs and I have benefited enormously from her knowledge and ability to impart it.”

Julie Courtnage
(Border Collie & X-breed)

“I have trained two of my dogs with Liz: it changed their lives and mine. We did basic tricks training in a class, as well as one-on-one clicker training. Liz’s focus is on achievement and fun, for my dogs and me as the handler. Liz works fluidly; my competence levels leave much to be desired and Liz adapted her approach to suit, once going so far as to help me pretend I was the dog, so that I could experience what I was – and was not – doing right.

If you like challenges, laughter, hard work and enduring learning, Liz delivers all of these, with easy grace and humanity. Or is that dognity?”


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