Getting To Know Liz Chamberlain

It seems to make sense to introduce myself at the start of this journey. But rather than trying to interview myself, I suggest you read this: Getting a Life

I wrote this while doing a course in non-fiction writing (the original course is no longer available, but its worthy successor is Writing Reality.) While the story is a few years old, it will give you a sense of why and how I’ve ended up with you here and now.

Why this website?

The global COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 forced many of us to rethink how we work. I already had a couple of remote students, and had been assessing DMWYD tricks for far flung people, so it seemed like a good time to formalise it.

Why Learn More

A love of learning was instilled in me from a very young age. My brother taught me to read as he learnt (he was five years old, me three). My love of reading is enduring and at any given time I have at least three books ‘on the go’.

Holidays with our paternal grandparents included pre-breakfast spelling and maths lessons with G’ma, followed by natural history outings with G’pa. I was nearly a teenager when I discovered this wasn’t ‘normal’.

All of this has left me with a philosophy that a day without a new fact is a day wasted. We should all endeavour to learn more – just because we can.

The range of clients and dogs that I’ve had the privilege to work with has encouraged me to continuously improve my dog training knowledge and skills to that I can provide the best possible service to them all. This continued learning includes courses and webinars from recognised providers including:

  • Fenzi Dog Sport Academy (FDSA)
  • School of Canine Science (SOCS)
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT)
  • Tromplo
  • Dog Training College UK
  • Karen Pryor Clicker Academy
  • Simply Behaviour
  • Epic Dog
  • Dogs can Dance
  • Duke University (Dog Emotion and Cognition via Coursera)
  • The Ethology Institute (Roger Abrantes)
  • Leerburg Online University

I’m a workshop addict – I’ll attend anything I can get to regardless of topic. My most recent highlight was attending Clicker Expo in Portland, Oregon in January 2019, where I got to listen to some of my all-time training heroes in the flesh.

I firmly believe that you can learn something from everyone, even if it is just that you don’t agree with them.

While not being a regular competitor, I have won KUSA Carting Dog of the Year, achieved qualifications in obedience (KUSA), freestyle (WCFO and RFE), rally freestyle (RFE) and tricks (DMWYD). My perfect dog, Mouse, has also appeared on TV a couple of times.


Dog On The Couch

Tandeka’s Diary

Marks Park Dog Training


Marks Park Dog Training
Marks Park Dog Training

Some of my clients have also used skills learnt with me to advance their dogs’ acting careers.

So in a nutshell, I love learning and I love sharing what I have learnt. I don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to training – each dog and their human get what they need to meet their goals.

Come Learn More with me!

Ready to start your training journey?

We have a programme suited to you and your dog’s needs.

Trusted Partners

Who I’ve worked with

Liz is my number one Canine Good Citizen judge for many years now and happily drives all the way from Johannesburg to my dog school in Pretoria for this purpose. She is always kind, considerate and fair when she evaluates the dogs’ good citizenship potential.

Mignon du Preez

As Puppies In balance and Fluffs-n-Tufts we wanted to say a huge thank you for you always being available to assist with the Puppies in Balance CGC tests. Through your guidance, we have been very successful with our pass rate and our dog handlers have really enjoyed the challenge.
We also so enjoyed your Dog Dancing workshop for our trainers, which has given us another tool to introduce more variety into our classes.

Niki Elliot

Liz is a highly respected Canine Good Citizen judge at the Mark’s Park All Breeds Dog Training School in Johannesburg. Although she takes this responsibility very seriously whilst marking she treats every very nervous competitor and their dog with complete love and understanding always giving advice and compliments where due

Lynn Hewitt

Liz Chamberlain from Learn More is a firm favourite at Dog Dynamics in Cape Town. Over the years Liz has assessed a number of Canine Good Citizen tests for our clients. Liz has a way of putting the clients at ease and setting the teams up for success. Liz has also presented a number of workshops on clicker training and trick training. The workshops have always been well received.

Yvonne Zwiegelaar

When I decided that I wanted to be mentored to become a Musical Freestyle Judge, I approached Liz. She welcomed me with open arms and took me under her wing. She has been an incredible mentor to me, patient, kind, empathetic, encouraging and humorous when things go a little wonky, everything I need in a mentor.
I invited Liz to do a Rally–Freestyle workshop for us here in Durban. It was a complete sell-out. The amount of people that attended was incredible. The workshop was interactive and so much fun. All my clients and attendees still talk about it to this day. We cannot wait to host more soon.

Andy Ording

As the owner of The Dog Training Academy with a school in both Randburg and Florida I called upon Liz on many occasions to judge all my CGC tests. She was not only fair in her judging but always took that little bit of extra time to explain and most importantly help my novice handlers with exercises they were struggling with and needed to approve upon. As such they always came back to get their qualification or move onto the next level. Many of my handlers asked me once they were awarded Gold, if there was a Platinum level they could work towards!

Heidi Olivier


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