Sometimes you need a helping hand to reach your goals.

Liz Chamberlain has worked with many different breeds, ages and ability of dogs. She has also trained her dogs in a wide variety of dog sports.

Liz brings all that experience to Coaching – your opportunity to get help to take that action needed to make your dreams reality.

Coaching programmes are tailored to you, your dog and your goals.

Ready to enrol in tailored coaching for you and your dog?


Client Reviews

Fabienne Jardim


“Not only did Liz help me train my dog, but most importantly, she trained me too. She offered excellent advice, supported with notes that were clear and contextual. I especially appreciated that when trying something one way didn’t work, she had other options ready for me to try. Liz asked questions to gain understanding of the limitations of my training ability and my dog’s response to homework. She tailored her training to what we accomplished between training sessions. I especially liked that she offered separate training sessions for trainers, so that I could gain understanding of how to train my dog consistently and appropriately. Her methods had a very positive impact on my dog, and we both looked forward to training sessions.”

Susan Kleijnhans

(Staffordshire Bull Terriers & Kelpie)

“I have been training with Liz Chamberlain for many years and can highly recommend her as a Trainer. I did Musical Freestyle classes with her for two years from 2007 – 2009. Thereafter I did several of her workshops at Learn More and attended many private classes over the last 13 years. She focuses on creative ideas, thinks out-of-the-box and finds innovative solutions to improve your training skills. She can teach more complex skills, evaluates the outcome of training sessions and knows how to adjust your training needs for your specific dog. Everything is done through positive reinforcement. I can highly recommend her, as she is very professional and has valuable knowledge to share.”


(Bouviers des Flandres)

I met Liz though mutual friends and as I wanted to do carting with my Bouviers approached her.

Liz’s insight to the way a dog reacts to the owner’s body language has made me more aware of the way I use my body to interact with my dogs.

The training with Liz has improved the obedience of the dogs without doing obedience training. It is fun for the dogs and handler, where the dogs are eager to please and excited to do the different obstacles. We look forward to going to Liz every week to expand our minds about the capabilities of the interaction between dog and it’s human.

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