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Liz qualified as a Do More With Your Dog Certified Trick Dog Instructor in 2012 after training her Bouvier, Mouse, up to Champion Trick Dog (TDCH) level. She has been a Trainer of the Year since 2018. Liz loves teaching tricks as she feels it is one of the best ways to build a relationship with your dog while improving your own training skills. She has helped a wide range of dogs to achieve trick dog titles.

Liz is able to assess your tricks for Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert level.

Liz can also mentor you should you wish to become a certified trick dog instructor (CTDI) yourself.


What you need to do


15 tricks from the Novice list


12 Intermediate or higher tricks from the Int-Adv-Exp list


5 Advanced or higher tricks from the Int-Adv-Exp list


5 Expert tricks from the Int-Adv-Exp list


You can find full trick descriptions in the Tricks list

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Client Reviews

Jane Spowart

(wire-haired dachshund)

“I took Liz up on the offer to assist with my Chad. He is a standard wirehaired dachshund, but he is a special needs dog, as he suffers from Megasophagus. I felt he needed extra attention, especially as he is clever and sharp, and we could no longer participate in dog shows as we had done previously.

We attended trick classes and achieved all the exams until, the final Champion one, all because he is a stubborn dachshund and I can be impatient.

Liz helped us achieve these amazing results, of which I am very proud as I show my dogs and don’t usually participate in other dog disciplines.

We had lots of fun and achieved beyond my expectations, all due to Liz of Learn More Dog Training.

Thank you Liz for the fun classes.”

Nicola Booth

(Yorkie X)

“Liz was recommended to me by a mutual friend. My dog was bored with obedience training. It had become monotonous.  Liz runs trick training courses. It sounded like fun, so I enrolled my Yorkie x Alfie. 

I had to learn about clicker training as this is one of the best ways to train the dogs to learn tricks.  Alfie and I had such a great time. Luckily he caught on quickly and grasped the clicker/treat concept quickly.  After 5 successful and very enjoyable courses, Alfie became a champion trick dog. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment. Alfie has become an acting dog for movies and adverts and the tricks we learnt have increased his screen time, much to my delight.

Liz’s classes are small and can be adjusted to the dogs currently in that particular class.   Every dog and owner gets personal attention and a lot of fun is had by all.

I can highly recommend these courses for dogs needing to let off steam, or just anyone that wants to do more with their dog.”

Michaela Newey


“I met Liz a few years ago when I was interested in doing trick work with my Malinois Nova. With Liz, Nova obtained 4 international trick titles (DMWYD), her Gold Canine Good Citizen and appeared on TV demonstrating tricks.

I was, and still am, a dog trainer. Liz taught me so much about training concepts and methods that I use now in dog training almost as a matter of course. She is a wonderful trainer, and has been a great mentor.

If you want to learn about tricks, Liz is an expert and makes training fun and interesting for both dog and handler. I could not think of a better teacher.”

Lynn Hewitt

(Standard Poodle)

“After knowing Liz for a while and watching her work and perform with her own dogs I decided to try my hand at Liz’s ‘Trick Dog’ course with my Standard Poodle, Saxon.

I had just completed my CAP assessment level 2 with him and this sounded like a good place to continue as I wanted to keep up the work momentum.

Liz took us through the 5 stages up to ‘Champion’ level in small groups with steady encouragement and thoughtful problem-solving solutions making each level a continuous degree of difficulty.

I loved the challenge that Liz set and the quiet patience she showed when things got frustrating!”

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