Learn More Compleat Dog

“Excellence is achieved by the mastery of the fundamentals.” – Vince Lombardi

This programme is designed to develop the following in your dog:

  1. Working relationship – developing teamwork
  2. Becoming operant – his behaviour leads to reinforcement
  3. Focus – engaging with you (his handler) is always reinforcing
  4. Impulse control – controlling himself pays off
  5. Cues – communication that has special meaning.

This is done through careful development of skills and understanding in five divisions. Each division develops physical and mental skills in both you and your dog over five levels of increasing difficultly. You will find that your dog will learn how to learn, you will learn how to explain, and suddenly it will be fun.

The LMCD Divisions

Learn More Compleat Dog TRICKS

Here are the requirements for Level 1

Learn More Compleat Dog SNIFFERS

Coming Soon!

Learn More Compleat Dog CITIZENS K9
Citizens K9

Coming Soon!

Learn More Compleat Dog PERFORMANCE DOG
Performance Dog

Coming Soon!

To encourage you to keep learning, the registration for LMCD assessment is only valid for six months.

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Client Review

Heidi Olivier

(X-breeds and Border Collie)

“Had an absolute blast doing these courses! I have worked with Liz for a number of years, first with my older X breed Zeta and Border Collie Bin and had so much fun and learnt so much that I am REDOING the courses with my now old girl Zeta and new Border Collie/Kelpie cross, Willow.

Liz has a wonderful understanding of my dog’s separate personalities, strengths and weakness especially my “problem” child Zeta. She worked wonders with this dog and Zeta achieved levels I never thought possible. I learnt so much not only about my dogs but also about my own skills as a handler, owner and trainer of three very busy breeds.

I will probably end up redoing the course for a third time just for the fun of it.”

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