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Omega treats

by | 30 Oct, 2020

An enterprising crowd in Cape Town is making the most amazing salmon treats. A friend of mine’s sister sent her some to see if it would help her Golden Retriever – he’s had a bald spot on his tail for years that no food, spray or medication has helped. A few months of using these treats and the accompanying oil and he’s got hair again.

I had to try them. Or, at least, my dogs did. The products we tried were:

  • Rolls (dehydrated skins)
  • Crackling (flat dehydrated skins)
  • Treats
  • Oil

Well, my lot loved them. What I love about them is that they are pure salmon – nothing funny added. Apart from the treats – there are little bits of biltong in those packets as well. Another thing to love? They’re affordable: training treats cost a mere R30 per packet.

Pandora suffers from horrid allergies and is prone to scratching herself to bleeding, or scratching her chest on the floor until she’s bald. I’ve been adding the oil to meals for a couple of months now and she’s not chewing her feet anymore and has an appropriately hairy chest. Win. I’ve been adding it to everyone’s food, but her change is the most evident.

Turns out they are made from human grade salmon off cuts. The manufacturer used to supply the restaurant trade with salmon cuts, and hit on this idea for using up the ‘waste’.

My friend Livinia is now the distributor for these products in Gauteng – get hold of her and get some. Your dogs will thank you.

Call/WhatsApp – 082 898 3260
Email –
Insta – omegatreats_Jozi
Website –


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