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Two at a time (new challenge)

by | 14 Feb, 2021

Thank you everyone who participated in the Get On Up Challenge – I really enjoyed watching your videos. What I particularly enjoyed was the different types of props you all found and how used them! Great stuff.

So – Challenge Two. Two because it’s the second month, the second challenge and because it’s Valentine’s Day as I write this, it’s all about couples. A couple of objects.

Same idea as before – you’re going to get your dog to interact with TWO objects at the same time.

Two objects allows us to expand our repertoire:

Your dog can:

  • Go between two objects and stay there for 5 seconds
  • Move between two objects – both forwards and backwards
  • Jump from object to object – but be safe and keep the distance less than body length!
  • Straddle two objects – same height, front raised, rear raised
  • Move sideways while straddling two objects (i.e. front paws on one objects, rear paws on the other)
  • Move forwards while straddling two objects (i.e. left paws on one object, right paws on the other)
  • Stand in two objects
  • Front paws on two objects
  • Rear paws on two objects
  • Move from front paws on two objects to rear paws on the same objects
  • Move backwards and forwards between two objects

Watch this Bouvier-heavy vide for ideas:

What else can you think of?

Like before, use different types of objects:

  • Stable
    • think table, pavement, aerobic step – anything solid
  • Unstable
    • think mattress, couch cushions, gym stability equipment, yourself
  • Rounded
    • logs are good, or pipes, rollers – get creative

You can decide on the width, length and height of the objects. If your dog finds all of that easy, maybe reduce one of the dimensions. But BE CAREFUL – this challenge is NOT about turning your dog into a circus elephant!

Keep the distance between the objects comfortable – this is not about seeing how far you can stretch your dog!

While I’m not going to insist on seeing your dog get on to and off the objects, be sensible – if your dog can’t easily get on to at least one of objects are you being fair? Remember – this isn’t about YOU! It’s about teaching your dog to confidently get on to different surfaces and hold his balance.


And let’s have some fun!


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