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by | 21 Aug, 2020

Seaside Dog Tricks Workshop

I love workshops. I’ll attend any dog training workshop and any topic, regardless if it is ‘my’ area or not. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you can learn something from everybody, even if it’s just that you don’t agree with them.

I’m lucky enough to have been able to attend not one, but two Clicker Expos (one in the UK and one in the USA) – something I highly recommend.

I’ve also had the privilege of learning from some incredible trainers in the flesh, including Donelda Guy, Julie Flanery, Michele Pouliot, Minna Yranna, Grietje Wagenaar, Vanda Gregorova, Joanne Plumb, Nando Brown, Steven Mann and Caya Krjinse-Locker.

COVID-19 lockdown made workshops briefly impossible. So I diverted more focus to webinars – there is a plethora of information out there. Some of it helps more than you – for example if you choose to sign up for IMDT workshops hosted by IMDT South Africa, you will be helping Dogtown in their endeavours.

Learn More has organised and offered workshops in a variety of areas. Julie Flanery (USA), Michele Pouliot (USA) and Vanda Gregorova (Czech Republic) were brought out for freestyle (dog dancing) workshops. Caya Krjinse-Locker was brought for Bouvier-specific workshops – both IPO (as it was called then) and for Bouvier pet owners.

I have given workshops all around South Africa and in the Netherlands on these topics:

  • Freestyle (from beginners to advanced)
  • Tricks (from beginners to advanced)
  • Rally Freestyle (from beginners to advanced)
  • Clicker training (from beginners to advanced)
  • Shaping behaviours and back chaining
  • Videoing for competition
  • How animals learn
  • Dog carting

If you are interested in hosting me to give a workshop on any of those topics, or on another topic of your choice, please contact me at

I attended a 2 day workshop run by Liz with Saxon encompassing ‘Body and Movement’. I enjoyed this immensely, working in a way I’d never considered doing before using a lot of basic dog dancing moves. Working in a pleasant and safe environment and with a number of other people and their dogs was very educational.

Lynn Hewitt (Standard Poodle)

I have known Liz Chamberlain a couple of years, mainly as a Carting and CGC Judge. On every occasion, she was super friendly and very fair and professional. Top priority was always the well-being of the dogs. I also attended two very well run workshops, one for Carting and one for Rally Free. 

Rosemarie Aust (Groenendal)


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